Upcoming Activities

Family Fun Festival:
April 13, August 3, October 26

Camps: Sports / Dance / Arts & Crafts
April 14-17, August 4-7, October 27-30
Sportslife International Camps runs multi-sport camps throughout the year during school holidays. These camps are open to children ages 6-14, and are held at the Trinity Comprehensive Sports Grounds. Camps include 1 hour sessions of basketball, football and assorted games. Camps run in 3 one hour sessions, in their approriate age group. Camp time is: 11-3:30pm, with a lunch break in the middle. At the end of each day there is a presentation with prizes.

Coaches are from the community. Children are taught basic skills, as well as sportsmanship and teamwork. SI has daily competitions, matches and giveaways, with prizes for the winners, as well as end of day and week prizes for all campers. At SI, we believe and teach that ‘everyone’s a winner – just as they are’!

If you and/or any people group would have interest in possibly serving alongside us in any of our camps (sports, dance or arts/crafts) in 2020 – April 13-17, August 3-7, October 26-30.